Develop organizations through the activation and utilization of international expertise, following its adaption to the culture of our Arab Region, the use of the best Arab and foreign experiences and the application of modern technology to the services we provide in the field of management consulting services, training and organization of events. Performance excellence, maintaining the loyalty of our customers and the pride of employees with belonging to their organization are what we endeavor to achieve.



Professional Cadres.
Effective performance management and efficiency.
Implementation and the quality of service accuracy.
Exceeded the client's expectation.
Profits will satisfy shareholders.


AME is an international leading group specializing in the provision of management systems, continual improvement, event and conference organizing related consulting services. AME provides international world-class services in the field of training, consulting, development projects and the preparation of specialized studies contributing towards improving the performance of individuals and organizations, for both profit and non-profit entities. The provision of world class developmental innovative solutions is what we pursue to meet and the expectations and requirements of our customers. 

AME persistently seeks to develop those solutions in order to provide the business world with the sustainability required to continue and grow through the diligent and hard work performed by our team work, local and global partners. Hence, we strive hard to maintain the lead and to be a typical model to be followed for our continually improved methodology in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer. 

AME closely works with its clients towards eliminating all obstacles hindering improvement and achieving excellence. For this reason, our clients constantly put their trust and confidence in the services we provide.

Maintain the lead as well as to be a typical model followed in its continually improved adopted methodology, for the provision of integrated strategic solutions.



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