ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

The world has a clear international interest in environmental management system that contributed to implementing such system in all organizations regardless of its size. However, this interest did not reach the required level due to the lack of sufficient awareness of the benefits of implementing these systems in addition to the lack of the competencies required for the effective implementation of environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is a set of environmental management systems developed to achieve the following:


            Development and improvement of environmental protection system.

            Rationalization of the consumption of natural resources and energy.

            Waste Reduction and pollution prevention.

            Improving the environmental conditions of employees to create a clean, safe and work environment free of any


            Compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

            Continual Improvement.

            Gaining the appreciation, respect and recognition of local, regional and international bodies which in return leads to the

            increase of organization's market share.

            Improving the communication channels between the organization and concerned governmental bodies.

            Enhancing the environmental awareness among all employees of the organization.

            Increasing profits resulting from previous interests.

            Contributing to the improvement of environmental conditions in the country and the whole world.

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