ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility

This international standard is being discussed on a broad scale. It provides general guidance on the basic principles of how the businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. The standard is mainly designed to encourage all organizations and companies to have more responsibility towards their societies through the mechanisms the standard specifies taking into account the expectations of stakeholders, compliance with applicable laws and fulfilling the associated international norms of behavior.

Implementing ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility aims to achieve the following:

            Assisting the organizations with addressing their social responsibility, respecting cultural, social, environmental and legal

            differences, and the conditions of economic development.

            Focusing on the results of performance and improvement.

            Increasing the confidence and satisfaction of customers and concerned bodies in the organization.

            Compliance with international documents, agreements, conventions and applicable ISO standards.

            Broadening the awareness and responsibility base with respect to social responsibility.

            Establishing a locally and globally interconnected base to share opinions and work.

            Maintaining the safety of man, animal, plants and environment and protecting the universe from the consequences of

            harmful acts in the present and future.  

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